Spaghetti Dinner

On May 1st Aleah and I made a spaghetti dinner to serve to the homeless. We made  jello the night before so that we were sure it would be finished in time. We started to prepare the rest of this meal by gathering our ingredients that we purchased with the go fund me account. Next we started to create the sauce needed for this meal, when we were halfway done with the sauce we started to boil the noodles and toasted the garlic bread. When we arrived at KEO we instantly started to make the 33 plates needed to feed all of them. While we were serving the plates you could see all of their faces instantly light up. I loved that feeling of seeing what we have done make such a positive impact on all of the people there.We also had enough leftovers to leave in their frigde to enjoy for 1 more night. When we were finished with serving them we gathered our things and said thank you to the peple who let us serve them and on our way out everyone in there said thanks to all of us with big smiles on their faces.


~Jayda Wakilina

KEO dinner

Food Shopping!

Today Aleah and I went shopping for ingredients needed to prepare for the making of this meal. We had so much fun at the store buying the ingredients. Doing this project so far has been a blast and to finally see it happen in only a few short days(Sunday May 1st). I am very excited to see what the outcome of this project will be. I hope to inspire others to actually show that there are people out in the world who really care about them.

Thank you to all of the people who donated to our campaign! We will keep you all updated so keep checking our blog.


First Delivery (2/23/16)

Today was an exciting day! Aleah and I have made our first donation of clothes to the KEO center on Monday (February 15). We have donated about 6 full bags of clothes, a pair of shoes, and some bags.

We signed our very first Donation Acknowledgment form from KEO making us legitimate donators to our own campaign.

Also, we have currently raised $160 in our GoFundMe account bringing us closer to our goal!

I am very fortunate to be able to experience this wonderful feeling of finally making a difference after witnessing many homeless people helpless on the streets.

1st donation 2.22.16 6 bags

~ Jayda Wakilina

Sunday Fun Day (2/20/16)

Aleah and I spent part of our Sunday organizing/sorting through our first donation of clothes. All together we spent about two hours organizing and getting things together nice and neatly. We had to sort through all the bags to see what would benefit the homeless, and use the rest for a garage sale to earn funds for our first dinner for the homeless. Once we finally sorted through everything we had to put everything back in bags, and labeled them so it would be ready for delivery.

20160221_110747 copy.JPG

~ Jayda Wakilina



Our Silver Award Project


We are Aleah Yano and Jayda Wakilina – cousins; both Cadette Girl Scouts working on our Silver Award Project.

We decided to work on this project together because we feel two brains are better than one and four hands are better than two!

On January 24th, we had the opportunity to assist our 2015 Miss Kauai Filipina Marielle Yano, who happens to be my (Aleah’s) sister and Jayda’s cousin in a service project that brought forth a great deal of compassion in our hearts. Marielle organized a “homeless feeding” for the KEO Homeless Emergency Shelter called Mana’olana. Along with our Girl Scouts Troop 823, we worked along side Marielle in providing a dinner for the guests at the shelter. It was truly an amazing experience. There is such a need and it’s awesome that we got to help fill it!

That said, we – Aleah and Jayda are planning to organize our own “homeless feeding” for Mana’olana. We hope to inspire other’s to participate in our project and possibly do this as an annual activity as well.  We welcome anyone who would like to assist by present or by making a donation to fund this project in purchasing food items and necessary supplies.

Did you know that 12-15,000 people in Hawaii are homeless at some point in a years time? Did you know that at least 6,000 people are homeless every single day and children make up 23.5- 39% of that number? Did you know that 17-42% of Hawaii’s homeless are actually employed full-time? And did you know that 37% of the homeless are of Native Hawaiian ethnicity? Yes, it’s true – according to the Hawaii Home Project website. It’s really unfortunate… That’s why we want to help even if in a little way.

Please follow along with our blog as we share our progress in our Take Action Project! We hope you enjoy it!!!

Note that KEO encourages organizations to volunteer in creating dinner meals for the guests of the Emergency Homeless Shelter. They even have a certified kitchen on the premises that can be used by such organizations to create meals. If anyone would like to volunteer like us, please contact the Shelter Director at 808-245-7692.


Aleah & Jayda